2018/2019 Mentorship Program Mentee Feedback - ISA Edmonton

2018/2019 Mentorship Program Mentee Feedback

July 09, 2019

Fun times at LOCAL Public Eatery on Jasper for our 2018/2019 ISA Mentorship Program Wind-Up! From Left (going around the table): Ryan, Kevin, Shakeel, Aarohi, Rafiq, Jaryd, Rupesh, Tanner, Herish, John, Arthur, Blaine & Allen.

The fourth year of the ISA Edmonton Section Mentorship Program was another successful one. A total of 9 mentees graduated from the program last month. So far, 5 have already landed a job in our industry, and we are delighted (and humbled) to hear that they all feel they received tremendous value by participating.

Here's what our mentees had to say about their ISA Edmonton Section Mentorship Program experience...

Would you recommend this program to others?

It's unanimous! Everyone said "yes"! 

What was the best thing about the program?

"The Mentor! Blaine Barnes went out of his way to help me succeed. He introduced me to his connections and even made a promotional video to help me get hired." - Ryan Kraft

"Events. I think attending all of the different kinds of events gets you in a mindset to meet new people, improve your networking skills, as well as learn about the industry directly from the people working in it." - Aarohi Patel

"My mentor shared a lot of insight with me, he helped me to expand my network, and invited me to join him at his office one day where I got to see him in his Project Manager role with a well-known consulting company. All of this significantly increased my confidence about continuing my career in the automation field.

"It introduces students to the experienced people in industry. They share their knowledge, and provide guidance which is really helpful!" - Rupesh Kumar

What would you say to a student that is considering applying to be a mentee?

"You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up for the ISA mentorship program. You get to lay out your own goals with an experienced industry professional, be coached through achieving some of them, and ultimately come out with a more rounded knowledge of our industry before entry into the workforce. The mentorship program is good stuff." - Jaryd Taylor

Can you share a success story that resulted from your participation in this program?

"I was able to understand more about our industry and develop a career path, which landed me a co-op position!" - Herish Patel

"This program was really helpful to me. Coming out of school you have all the knowledge that you need to succeed in your career but you may not know how to standout among all of those applying for the same job. How to make your resume and cover letter eye-catching, and how to meet with interviewers and market your skills - this is what I learnt from Marty Bince, my mentor. I am now working as a Junior Test Engineer for Profire Energy in Spruce Grove!" - Rupesh Kumar

"My mentor, Kelly Wolf, helped me prepare for a co-op position interview in a very short notice. I called her while she was at work and she was generous enough to talk to me and answer my questions. I did well on that interview and I was offered an 8 month co-op term which I accepted." - Wadah Elsiddig

Good luck to all of our graduated mentees, and a very special thanks to our volunteer mentors - you made a huge impact on our mentees!

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