Featured Member - Paul Baril - ISA Edmonton

Featured Member - Paul Baril

August 23, 2016

Paul Baril in front of the iconic Kelly Ramsay building on Rice Howard Way, which is in the midst of being rebuilt. Enbridge will be moving into this building in summer 2017. The reflection of the older Enbridge tower is seen in this image.

The ISA Edmonton Section is thrilled to announce Paul Baril, Control Systems Network Specialist at Enbridge, as our latest featured member! He was selected because of (and as a thank you for) his contribution to this past April’s ISA Automation Expo & Conference (AEC).

Paul played an integral role in the success of the conference portion of this event. As the Track Developer for the Cybersecurity Track (one of four main tracks that made up the conference), Paul was responsible for coming up with the session topics and finding speakers. He volunteered his time tirelessly for over 6 months to ensure the success of “his” track and in doing so he made a huge impact on our local automation industry… over 86 automation professionals attended the Cybersecurity Track and benefited greatly by doing so.

“Paul truly understands what it takes to do it right the first time. He exceeded expectations… excellent topics, engaging speakers, exciting presentations and outstanding results. He brought a refreshing work ethic and new depth to the definition of a volunteer.” Bob Bahniuk, AEC, Director

Paul's Profile

Company: Enbridge

Job Title: Control Systems Network Specialist

Years of Experience: 19

ISA Board Position: Member at Large since 2014, AEC 2016 Cybersecurity Track Developer

Areas of Expertise and Experience: Network Design, Network Security, Design and Security in Control System Networks

ISA Testimonial: Joining ISA gave me a great opportunity to meet other industrial technologists and engineers. As an outsider coming from the IT side of the room it was a chance to learn more about the world of industrial controls.

Describe your role for AEC: As the Cybersecurity Track Developer I was responsible for creating an appealing set of talks around the topic of cybersecurity as it relates to the Controls and Automation Industry. The first step to doing this was identifying areas of industry interest and creating guidelines for the topics. It was then a matter of lining up quality speakers on each topic.

Describe your role at Enbridge: In general, as a subject matter expert in network security for control systems networks at Enbridge I help to guide and steer the industrial control systems group to the right technologies in order to create and maintain a safe and reliable controls environment. In the day to day I design network and security environments, support field operations in their trouble shooting, and  help roll out new network and security initiatives such as the cross Canada cybersecurity upgrade of the control systems infrastructure.

Summary of your career thus far: I graduated from NAIT in 1996 and was working for Telus as a wiring assistant by 1997. I held several positions within Telus, all network related, moving from the private line test board dealing with slow speed private line, Datapac and T1 services, to managed operations where I was contracted out to other companies to manage their network and security environments, and finally finishing as manager of the Tech Strategy Labs. I started with Enbridge in 2012 where I was brought in as a subject matter expert to help build network infrastructure and security for the Liquid Pipeline Division.

Cybersecurity Predictions: I see industrial control systems technology going through a similar transition to what the IT world went through about 10 years ago. There has been massive growth in the importance of security considerations in technology design and operation. We have realized that in this day and age cybersecurity is critical to the safety of the public and operation of our industry. Now we are at the point where every build includes cybersecurity as a key component. Increasingly security is beginning to be built into the products used by our industry. Going forward I can see security components becoming a mandatory requirement for every product developed or protocol used within the Controls and Automation Industry.

Favourite Pastimes: With four kids and a farm there isn`t a whole lot of time left for favourite pastimes. When I can I enjoy fishing, playing guitar, and spending time with my family.

Summer Vacation Plans: With a few projects on the go around the farm my goal was get a few of these off my list, but I did take time to meet my family in Cape Breton and then travel with them to Minnesota via New York City. It was a great chance to relax, visit with extended family, and have a few adventures along the way. There is nothing like navigating four children through Manhattan to make one appreciate the joys of country living.

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